November Christmas Market

Apsley Artisans Christmas Market

by Rachel Conlin

     Each autumn my husband and I like to go for a drive and visit another town.  We play at being tourists for the day, checking out quaint shops, taking a scenic walk and having lunch in a local establishment.  Its always an enjoyable day.  I often find it inspiring too.  I pay attention to whats selling, whoes buying and all the little details.  Although each year we notice the same unfortunate, repetative pattern.....different town, same pattern.  But on this years excursion the pattern was that much more predominant.  Perhaps it was because the town was that much more 'touristy'.  The pattern is;  what is being sold.  We drifted in and out of a dozen little shops, many of them side by side and yet they were all selling the same items. All were displayed in wonderful settings that made you wish your home looked like that.  Many items had maple leaf's on them, or "Canada".  Many depicted the traditional black and red plaid we associate with a cold Canadian winter.  And yet these same items, made in India and China not Canada, are available in Walmart, Costco and a jillion places online.  It came down to how the item was displayed.  But that was it, no story, no personal touch, just something that was mass produced in a far away country.  It is difficult in most shops to find items that are local, let alone Canadian.

Enter:  the Apsley Artisans Christmas Market

     This is the kind of quaint, local, touristy place that we would love to see on our outings. The Apsley Artisans Christmas Market is like a combination of little shops all under one roof for one special day.  The hall is decorated for Christmas and each vendor makes their table inviting, displaying items that they, themselves have created.  If  wish you ask, there would be a story on how it was made.  They could tell you the care and thought that went into the process.  Below is a list of the artisans.  Keep in mind that words cannot describe the quality of the wares.

Rachel Charlebois, Arcnaswcanada on instagram; metal art

Sandra Grant; sewing & Knitting

David Smith,; painting

Susan Rankin,, glass art

Lisa Mace,; painting

Cathy Pennaertz, Tallan Creek Pottery on facebook; pottery

Sandy McQuat; folk art

Brenda Drennan; folk art

Bet Pitts; scrubbies and such

Crystal & Joanne Lowe; sewing

Lois Lane & Juanita M.; painting on wood

Connie H.; dried flowers, preserves, jams & jellies

Shirley Shaver; preserves, jams & jellies

Jane Sanderson; chocolates

Rachel Conlin, Irish Hills Farm, www.irishhillsfarmapsley; baking, lamb, wool, maple syrup

Janet McCann; baking, wool socks, preserves

Debbie Robinson, Apsley Country Bakery, ; hosting the luncheon

     The Apsley Artisans Christmas Martket is Nov. 17, 9am to 4pm at the Legion Hall in Apsley.  It is the place to enjoy a refreshing change from the 'pattern', purchase locally made goods, eat local, be inspired!

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